[Glade-users] How To Change the content of the main container


Just curious, but could you explain why your approach might be better? I
have very little GTK/Glade experience, but in the past, I used the one long
vbox with hide_all/show_one approach. I'm just wondering if perhaps the
notebook method would be better in the future. Are there limitations to the
notebook approach?

Using GtkNotebook is probably the way to go in 99% cases, since it's
easier to maintain, easier to design and easier to code. Probably the
only situation where not using GtkNotebook might be better choice is
when your GUI is composed from many little pieces that can be
hidden/shown in many different combinations and cannot be easily added
to single notebook page.


Tadej Borov?ak
tadeboro at gmail.com
tadej.borovsak at gmail.com

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