[Glade-users] image display

There are a couple of ways to do this.
1. Create all four images in your window using glade. Then set the last
three images to be hidden. Then, connect a signal to the arrow key that
hides the current image and unhides the appropriate image. You'll have to
keep track of which image should be shown.
2. Don't use glade to create any of the images and simply write the code to
load the images from file and then display the appropriate one.
Also note that glade generates a couple of helpful image creation functions
that you can use in your program to create a GtkImage object from an image
file. Check out the support.c file that is generated by glade.


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Hi ,
    I want to show 4 image in a window of glade one by one .
I am able to add and  show the first image in the window of glade .
But I don not know how to show the rest of image .
I want to change the image one by one by pressing the arrow key .
Is it possible ? If yes then how  ? I try a lot but failed .
Is there any signal a have to add in properties window and change somthing
in callbacks.c.Please help me .

Amit Kumar Bag


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