[Glade-users] problem with extra components in glade


Check out the autogen.sh script and the programs that it is calling. It
first calls autoconf and then automake, among others. Check out the
documentation for these utilities to get an idea of what they are doing and
how they are used by autogen.sh.

I usually just add these lines "-I..." as you mentioned below, to the
Makefile.am file in the src directory of the glade project. Then run autogen
again. Autogen will run automake which will process the Makefile.am to
generate the new Makefile, with your "custom" include directories in it.

Hope this helps.



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Hello ALl,
I'm not sure if thsi is the right forum to ask this question but since I'm
doign the progrmming in Glade, I thought I'd ask.

I am trying to add mySQL to the glade program. I am following a tutorial
listed in 'MYSQL: Building User Interfaces' book that is mentioned on the
Sams Publishing website.

Glade autocreates the Autoconf and makefiles in a project Dir when you first
save abnd Build the project.

How do I get Glade to recognise the Mysql extras that I am calling in my
When I include the '#include <mysql/mysql.h>' line I get a compile error
'unrecognised reference to 'mysql_init' '. if I follow the exdefiniton.com
solution and add the lines '-I/usr/niclude/mysql -L /usr/lib/mysql
-lmysqlclient' the program compiles..

So the makefile isnt finding or including the references to mysql.
Should the Glade makefile/autogen.sh program be searching for these extras
that I include?
If not, how do I modify the Makefile to inclue these, without me having to
manually add the extra lines to the gcc compile line?
(Which I cut and paste from a failed make and add the extra lines to the end

PS: I havent ever compiled c programs using makefiles and I havent done this
depth of compiling before - my experience has always been with windoze and I
want to get away from it and into Linux..
Thanks in advane.

Jason Brisbane

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