[Glade-users] problem with extra components in glade

Hello ALl,
I'm not sure if thsi is the right forum to ask this question but
since I'm doign the progrmming in Glade, I thought I'd ask.

I am trying to add mySQL to the glade program. I am following a
tutorial listed in 'MYSQL: Building User Interfaces' book that is
mentioned on the Sams Publishing website.

Glade autocreates the Autoconf and makefiles in a project Dir when
you first save abnd Build the project.

How do I get Glade to recognise the Mysql extras that I am calling in
my program?
When I include the '#include <mysql/mysql.h>' line I get a compile
error 'unrecognised reference to 'mysql_init' '. if I follow the
exdefiniton.com solution and add the lines '-I/usr/niclude/mysql -L
/usr/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient' the program compiles..

So the makefile isnt finding or including the references to mysql.
Should the Glade makefile/autogen.sh program be searching for these
extras that I include?
If not, how do I modify the Makefile to inclue these, without me
having to manually add the extra lines to the gcc compile line?
(Which I cut and paste from a failed make and add the extra lines to
the end of....)

PS: I havent ever compiled c programs using makefiles and I havent
done this depth of compiling before - my experience has always been
with windoze and I want to get away from it and into Linux..
Thanks in advane.

Jason Brisbane

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