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Hi All,
           I am very new to glade.I want to show 6 image one by one .How I
add 6 image in glade .How can I show one then another then another and so
on.If I select one gtk image then I am able to show one image but I can not
add another one image .I have to add a table of 3 rows and 2 column and add
one image in each one block like that or how ?Which widget I have to use and
how I do not know.So tell me how to add 6 image in glade one by one and how
to show the first one and hide the rest .Then how to hide the first one and
show the second one .I want to change the image by pressing the arrow key
.Show please tell me how to add signal for it and what changes I have to do
in the cord .I am not a member of it so please mail me directly to this mail
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