[Glade-users] New widgets

Is there a repository somewhere of new widget catalogs where one can 
download and incorporate new widgets into Glade-3?  Is there a clearing 
house for those who want a new widget so that time won't be spent 
developing one that someone else is working on?  And, while I'm wishing, 
is there someone skilled in writing these catalogs who has the time to 
help a newbie?  I'm now slogging my way through what looks to be very 
good documentation, but it appears daunting.  Didn't I read somewhere 
about a piece of software that is an aid in catalog writing?

I have downloaded the ruby-gnome2 package and wish to write a widget 
catalog for gtkmozembed so that I might include it in a project in a 
reusable fashion.  When it's finished, I'd like to be able to share it 
with others.


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