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   Create your buttons with mnemonic's and the key catch
   is automatic for that button.  In the one-liner below
   the _ preceding the Q in the gtk function indicates that
   a key press of q will be equivalent to a "clicked" (I believe)
   signal for that button.  Can't speak to how-to-do-it in glade,
   but that's the/one gtk way.

   button = gtk_button_new_with_mnemonic ("_Quit");


Wayne Walker wrote:

Maybe just a couple of simple examples of common tasks.

Like how to set up keystrokes to trigger the same action as a button.

I can do it in raw gtk by catching key-release-event in the buttons'
parent.  But then I have to do all the decoding and switch statement
stuff in my code.  I assume there is already something that handles this
but I can't find it (in either gtk or glade docs).

Is there a "right" or reasonably easy way to do that in glade?


On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 12:27:46PM +0000, Yiannis wrote:

  Well, I guess in a sense and on a first look you could say that glade is
  poorly documented. BUT, the thing is that glade is just a tool for creating
  the gui.... and beyond that it is gtk and your language of preference for
  programming.... so the actual documentation is the gtk api and your own
  reference material. And gtk is very well documented.... Maybe there should
  be  some  things on the properties of the widget but then again if you
  understand gtk then you understand the glade properties.... Although I agree
  it would be helpful to have such documentaion with references to the gtk

  On 09/01/06, Wayne Walker <[1]wwalker bybent com> wrote:

    I second this question.  Is there any documentation for glade (2 or 3)
    other than reading the gtk docs (which don't answer most of the
    questions of new glade users).
    Any documentation beyond the couple of extremely basic tutorials?
    On Wed, Dec 28, 2005 at 09:29:38PM +0000, Mark Potts wrote:
    > Hi,
    >     I just installed the glade 2.10.1 package on my RHEL3 Linux
    >     system, and as a brand-new user tried to find documentation.
    >     When I found and started the glade-2 executable, I learned that
    >     the help button does _not_ provide any options other than "about".
    >     Have I missed something in the install or is this it?
    >     I also find nothing on the web about glade documentation other than
    >     a glade-doc package for Debian users.  I find no info, doc, html,
    >     or man files in the glade 2.10.1 install package. I also find
    >     nothing about glade documentation at the [2]glade.gnome.org web
    >     site, other than a FAQ reference to future documentation and to
    >     try the help button.
    >          regards,
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  2. http://glade.gnome.org/
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