[Glade-users] any documentation

I second this question.  Is there any documentation for glade (2 or 3)
other than reading the gtk docs (which don't answer most of the
questions of new glade users).

Any documentation beyond the couple of extremely basic tutorials?

On Wed, Dec 28, 2005 at 09:29:38PM +0000, Mark Potts wrote:
    I just installed the glade 2.10.1 package on my RHEL3 Linux
    system, and as a brand-new user tried to find documentation.
    When I found and started the glade-2 executable, I learned that
    the help button does _not_ provide any options other than "about".
    Have I missed something in the install or is this it?

    I also find nothing on the web about glade documentation other than
    a glade-doc package for Debian users.  I find no info, doc, html,
    or man files in the glade 2.10.1 install package. I also find
    nothing about glade documentation at the glade.gnome.org web
    site, other than a FAQ reference to future documentation and to
    try the help button.
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