[Glade-users] Exporing windows to another glade file

Coincidentally, I was going to suggest that as a feature request
(exporting part of
a window to another glade file). I still have not written my breadth
first search
interactive widget renaming script, mainly cause I've been pressed for time...
It should't be too hard to write, just get the book on python and XML and it
should be easy to write (didn't even have time to go to the bookstore). Use
the SAX API for python and you can do anything renaming-wise.

Anyways, I find that glade loads large files just fine... it's quite
efficient I'll
tell you. Just that I can't get it to open GNOME main window widgets, and
I don't know why that is. And it didn't find the gnome-stock icons either, also
not sure why...

anyways, if all you want is names to be all distinct, just copy everything to a
new widget, save, and delete the old one. That should do. I don't
think you really
need the extra bytes of memory from separate files, do you? Just get pointers to
everything you'll need as soon as the file is parsed, and close
everything. It uses
SAX anyways for parsing, so it doesn't take up all that memory DOM would have.



On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 09:07:41 +1000, Daniel Kasak
<dkasak nusconsulting com au> wrote:
I've just realised that I can't use the same widget name twice in a
glade file ( which bites, by the way ), so I have to create multiple
glade files, as changing the names of widgets now will be a nightmare.

Does anyone know an easy way of exporting an entire window definition to
another glade file?

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