[Glade-users] Exporing windows to another glade file

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Christopher Cramer wrote:

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 09:07:41AM +1000, Daniel Kasak wrote:

I've just realised that I can't use the same widget name twice in a 
glade file ( which bites, by the way )

Huh? I use the same widget name in the same file all the time. If you
don't put the widgets in the same tree, or you don't have to look them
up, it doesn't harm anything.


Not according to the response I got from this bug report:
Apparently you are treading on thin ice indeed.

I *had* been re-using the same names in different windows inside the 
same glade file for quite a while, until I finally hit the above bug 
where glade_xml_get_widget() started returning the wrong widget, and it 
turns out that the fact that is *usually* seems to work is just a happy 
co-incidence, and that you should definately *not* reuse widget names 
inside the same glade file.

Does anyone know an easy way of exporting an entire window definition to 
another glade file?

Right click on the window, on the bottom of the menu should be the
window widget, under that select "cut". Go to the main glade window,
create a new project. Select "paste" from the edit menu. Save.

Yeah I'd been trying stuff like that. Doesn't work for me. I ended up 
cutting and pasting the glade file up with a text editor. It's taken me 
the past 45 minutes, but at least it's all working now.

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