[Glade-users] Exporing windows to another glade file

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 11:35:30AM +1000, Daniel Kasak wrote:
Christopher Cramer wrote:
Lame. It looks like they marked it "resolved" without even understanding
the problem. The glade_xml_new() root argument is rather worthless with
this behavior.
If I thought I could get their attention I'd keep trying, but 
unfortunately I don't know enough of what I'm talking about to argue the 
case anyway - I'm a Perl-Gtk developer, and the internals of libglade 
are a complete mystery to me.

Actually, I looked at it again, and the problem in that particular bug
is not with glade_xml_get_widget, but with glade_xml_new. He's calling
glade_xml_new to get the window named "Batches", but there's also a
button named "Batches". So, glade_xml_new in this case is loading the
button "Batches". It's all screwed up from there.

It looks like it's still safe if the widgets you use as a root argument
to glade_xml_new have unique names. In my case, the names all start with
"window_", so I'm safe.

Christopher Cramer <crayc greatjustice org>
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