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* kosh (evil_kosh_uk yahoo co uk) wrote:
Can I just ask, why are you using the source output functionality at
all? why not just use libglade?  not trying to start a fight, more
understand why people would still use that functionality when from my
pov, it seems antequated and more effort than it's worth.
so you must have a good reason.  I'd like to hear it please, for myself.

There are 2 reasons:

1) to learn more about GTK+ programming in general. I realize some
people don't like Glade's code output, but it does help me learn a
little bit more.

2) I didn't know about libglade at the time and started this project a
certain way. Now, I probably will rework it to work with libglade a
little later (I'm contructing the code to do just that) but for now,
this works fine for me.

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