[Glade-devel] Implementing preview feature in glade

Let's go slowly...

2009/3/24 Tristan Van Berkom <tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com>:

So now you have a glade_project_save & glade_project_save_full or
something, so your going to want to export glade_project_preview
(GladeProject *project, GladeWidget *widget),

What? Why? Should I write a function called glade_project_preview?
What should I do with its parameters?

from here you'll want to add the io channel/spawn with pipes code, so from
there you can pass the buffer to the "preview" app via its stdin.

I would like to let the preview be a modal option. So that the user
could edit the interface, then preview it, then close the preview to
continue editing it.

Note you should check here the project format, just silently
return from here if your in libglade format...

Will be done.

Some doubts remain:
Where and how should I send my patch?
What to do with projects that do not have a toplevel widget?
What to do with projects that have many toplevel widgets?
(It doesn't even work if the project doesn't have a widget called "window1")

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