[Glade-devel] Implementing preview feature in glade

2009/3/24 Marco Diego Aur?lio Mesquita <marcodiegomesquita at gmail.com>:
I've been implementing a preview feature for glade but I would like
suggestions on the best way to do it.

Cool :)

We probably want a api on the GladeProject that will allow us
to preview a said widget in the project, like you say I agree its
best to give the user the choice, projects may have more than
one toplevel, or may not contain any toplevels at all (in which
case we need to parent them somewhere).

What I would really like, is something spawned with g_spawn_async_with_pipes,
and capture the errors through the pipe so we can report them back
in the Glade process (would be also nice if glade had a fancy logging
system to save and display logs by domain/project/widget etc but thats
another story, for now it would be nice if Glade could at least capture
error messages that may have prevented the preview from showing
and at least showing a window from Glade about those errors would
be enough).

I'm really really busy these days but I'll try my best to answer
all your questions and guide you through the source as much
as I can...

As of now, the implementation is pretty hackish: it saves a
/tmp/out.glade file, loads it with gtkbuilder, get the window1 object
and shows it.

Of course, doing it this way will not work for projects that do not
have a widget named window1. And it is clear that this is not the best
strategy, so I have several questions on how to do it right.

I will investigate trough glade save functions to find a way to get
the string of the saved file so that it won't be needed to save the
file. But, how can I get the name of a toplevel object in glade?
Should we ask the user witch object to preview? Isn't it the best way
to do it? What better alternative to implement a preview feature in
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