[Glade-devel] Implementing preview feature in glade

I've been implementing a preview feature for glade but I would like
suggestions on the best way to do it.

As of now, the implementation is pretty hackish: it saves a
/tmp/out.glade file, loads it with gtkbuilder, get the window1 object
and shows it.

Of course, doing it this way will not work for projects that do not
have a widget named window1. And it is clear that this is not the best
strategy, so I have several questions on how to do it right.

I will investigate trough glade save functions to find a way to get
the string of the saved file so that it won't be needed to save the
file. But, how can I get the name of a toplevel object in glade?
Should we ask the user witch object to preview? Isn't it the best way
to do it? What better alternative to implement a preview feature in

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