[Glade-devel] Red Hat Bugzilla #492788: need some help

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Debarshi Ray <debarshi.ray at gmail.com> wrote:
The search entry is only present in 3.6.x. Backporting it to 3.4.x
might be a bit too much, but is it possible to patch 3.4.x so that
selected widgets are always shown? I am not asking you to make a new
3.4.x release, but just that I was trying to do it downstream for
Fedora. Or would you say it is way too much trouble and the user is
better off upgrading.

In case I made the wrong impression, I do not feel strongly about
having the workspace update on double-click in 3.4, it was my
original intention but I think most will agree the direct selection
update is better, regardless of the presence of the search entry.

I really dont have time to help you maintain a downstream patch,
honestly because I have hardly enough time to keep up with 3.6
(I barely pushed out 3.6.1 and still have one or two serious bugs
to fix), but the backporting should be a simple matter of calling
glade_widget_show() from glade-inspector.c, but you may
have some hoops to jump through (not sure, the cases in glade_widget_show()
have changed a few times...)


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