[Glade-devel] Red Hat Bugzilla #492788: need some help

? In Glade 3.4.x you can display any toplevel window by double
clicking on the said toplevel - this was done intentionally at the
time to dissociate navigation and widget selection, anyway after
that experiment it seems more logical to always keep selected
widgets shown in the workspace,

I see.

the added search entry makes
navigation in large projects simpler anyway.

The search entry is only present in 3.6.x. Backporting it to 3.4.x
might be a bit too much, but is it possible to patch 3.4.x so that
selected widgets are always shown? I am not asking you to make a new
3.4.x release, but just that I was trying to do it downstream for
Fedora. Or would you say it is way too much trouble and the user is
better off upgrading.

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