[Glade-devel] Red Hat Bugzilla #492788: need some help

This concerns Glade 3.4.x, which I know is way too old to be supported
upstream. However we are shipping it as part of both Fedora 9 and
Fedora 10, and I am trying to fix the problem by carrying a downstream
patch. It is not present in Glade 3.6.x and I have not yet checked
Glade 3.5.x.

Here is the bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/492788

Problem is that I am not very familiar with Glade3's source code. I
have been looking at the code surrounding the "selection-changed"
signal in gladeui/glade-inspector.c and src/glade-window.c, but it
seems that I am barking up the wrong tree. Any pointers would be very

Happy hacking,
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