[Glade-devel] Re: MenuBar editor

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Hello everyone.
This patch adds menubar support for the latest cvs snapshot.
I think it is usable now, so I will appreciate any feedback.

Wow, usability is really improved :)

I found a couple of glitches,

     o Add a seperator using the context menu on the treeview,
       then select the seperator and delete it using the
       "Remove button", I get:

       Gtk-ERROR **: file gtktreestore.c: line 781
       (gtk_tree_store_iter_parent): assertion failed: (parent != NULL)

     o The pixbuf editor property filechooser is weird, for some
       reason; I cant see any image filenames, I can browse the
       filesystem but all I ever see is directories, why would that
       be ?

Another thing, we want the accelerators to work on the editor,
unless copy/paste or anything is going to interfere with the
editor, in which case we want to at least have undo/redo buttons
accessable from the menu editor.

Now I'm so eager to get this into cvs since this is definitly
not a regression and there are only a few glitches to get
fixed (if it we're in cvs I could do the GladeCommand
grouping and test it easier at my lesure for example ) but
there's one showstopper, your patch overwrites the gtk+.xml;
I know its tedious but you have to re-add your entries to the
new gtk+.xml (i.e. gtk+.xml.in)

Note that:

     o All tooltips are translated, so they become:
       <_tooltip>the text</_tooltip>

     o All displayable values are translated, so they become:
       _name="displayable name"

     o All glade-widget-class titles are translated (_title="Title")

     o All property names are translated (_name="property name")

     o All glade-widget-group titles are translated also.

If you could just adjust your patch to augment the gtk+.xml.in
instead of overwriting it; I'll commit it right away and we
can work from there, once we get GtkRadioMenuItem working,
undo/redo support fixed & iron out the glitches; I plan on
makeing the "Menu editor" snapshot release :)


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