[Glade-devel] MenuBar editor

Hello everyone.
This patch adds menubar support for the latest cvs snapshot.
I think it is usable now, so I will appreciate any feedback.


Juan Pablo

PD: Just in case

2005-12-13  Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte gmail com>

* src/glade-app.c: glade_app_set_project() Sets the
  current/working directory to the project's directory.

* src/glade-builtins.c: Added glade_standard_boolean_spec().

* src/glade-editor-property.c: New Glade Editor Property Class
  GladeEPropPixbuf. (GdkPixbuf properties)

* src/glade-gtk.c: GtkMenuBar Load/Save Support + editor.
  GtkImage loading fixes. glade_gtk_image_set_icon_name().
  GtkLabel added glade_gtk_label_set_label().

* src/glade-project-window.c: Added About icon.

* src/glade-project.c: glade_project_new_from_interface() make
  project's path always absolute.

* src/glade-property-class.c: Added pixbuf property support in
  glade_property_class_make_string_from_gvalue() and

* src/glade-property.c: Added pixbuf property support in
  glade_property_set_va_list() and glade_property_get_va_list().

* widgets/gtk+.xml: New classes. GtkMenuItem GtkCheckMenuItem
  GtkImageMenuItem and GtkSeparatorMenuItem.
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