[Glade-devel] [glade-3 work] My commits

Hey Juan,
     I just added support for GtkCombo, GtkList, GtkCList, GtkListEntry,
GtkComboBox & GtkComboBoxEntry.

For this I had to slightly modify the core. The problem was; when
composite widgets have internal chilren that are not heirarchic children,
those childrens properties were not copied nor their children
duplicated upon glade_widget_dup() (copy/paste), also those internal
children were not displayed in the widget tree.

An example of such children is any internal child create as a child
of a popup window created on behalf of the composite widget
(i.e. the GtkList in the popup window of the GtkCombo).

I added a "get-internal-children-function"/GladeGetInternalChildrenFunc,
function to the backend so that we can now get composite widgets to
list their internal children.

You'll need to implement that for internal children of menu items I guess,
anyway; its only about five lines of code... just a heads up.


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