[Glade-devel] state of the project

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 17:15 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote: 
So this is the one and only point that I have to disagree with; but if everyone
would rather sticking to /really long lines/ instead, then I'll just
have to suffer with the wrapping.
Well, just to throw my 2 cents in (sorry this is so late; this
particular week's been extremely hectic for me, so while I've been
reading this all in more-or-less real time, I haven't had a chance to
sit down and reply until now): long lines bug me too.

I'm doing the majority of my work these days on my laptop while I'm in
random places, so I definitely don't have screen real estate to spare.
Even then, i really like to have multiple 80-column wide windows placed
horizontally, so long lines still bother me even at 1600x1200

Since (at this point at least) the only person who's defended long lines
admits that he's probably just giving his opinion & won't really be
doing much hacking, I'd be inclined to try and push short lines.

This being said, of course, I still DO on occasion have something ~80-90
chars long because it's occasionally ugly enough to line break something
that the one semi-long line is worth the pain.

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