[Glade-devel] Re: GtkFixed

So here is the patch and description for GtkFixed implementation.
I haven't actually read the code yet, but the patches applied, built &
seem to run okay for me; biggest problem is that you don't have patches
to the makefiles to get the new files installed

The one big thing that seems to be missing, though, which is pretty
important: you can't drag widgets around (at least from my quick

Drag resizing's pretty important, too, but lack of drag placement seems
like a blocker in my book. Any idea how hard it would be to add that?

That being said, this seems to be leaps and bounds above the current
state, since you actually CAN work with GtkFixeds now. Thanks

Also; could you file a bug and tack the patch onto it, please? Looks
like one doesn't exist yet, and it'd be good to keep a handle on this.

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