[Glade-devel] pre_creation_func

   the pre_creation_function of a widget is called after the widget is
created (well, it takes the widget as an argument, soooo...).

    The only thing that happens between pre/post create functions is
the creation of the GladeWidget metadata, Is there any reason that
a plugin writer would want to hook into that ?

I raise this point in reference to the work I'm doing on:

    Since I have to re-create the widget, I'll probably move the post_create()
and fill_empty() calls directly into glade_widget_set_widget() instead of 
glade_widget_new() (so it can be called every time the instance is replaced), 
and I cant help but notice the futility of the pre_create() function;

Am I wrong ? can we depricate / remove pre_create ?


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