[Glade-devel] state of the project

Il giorno mer, 06-10-2004 alle 12:50 -0700, David Hoover ha scritto:
Paolo Borelli - had been doing glade-3 work in the past, unsure of 
                current status

First of all, let me say that it's great to see that there are people
interested in picking up glade3! Open source rules.

I'm sorry to say that currently I do not have time to work on glade3,
however I'm still involved in gnome so I'm available on irc and on the
list for questions etc... of course it may well be that I don't know the
answer :)

I had a chat with Tristan the other day and after that I decided to put
down some notes on glade3. I committed them in a file called INTERNALS.
It contains stuff you could probably easily figure out from reading the
source, but I hope someone will find it useful.

The few questions I'll raise also:
      * Is there a current maintainer? If so, who? If not, who can make
        the call to assign a new one?

The current maintainer is Joaquin, however I dunno if he still plans to
work on glade3.

On irc I told Morten to feel free to commit fixes in cvs, since I know
he is a long time gnome/gtk contributor and I trust him. I don't know if
he has the time/will to do patch reviewing and other maintainace.

      * Who does glade3-maint bugzilla gnome org (the default assignee
        on glade3 bugs) go to? (I suppose it's potentially this list & I
        just haven't seen that since the list had been broken, but I
        don't know)

glade3-maint is just an alias, just go to your bugzilla prefs and add it
to your "user to watch" list in order to get glade3 bugzilla mail.

      * There isn't much in bugzilla, nor the TODO file (well, there's
        actually a decent amount there, but...); do people have their
        own lists of things? I've got a few things that I should be
        filing in bugzilla over the next few days, and I'd encourage
        others to do the same

As you can see in the TODO and as others have said there are lots of
possible items to work on... however my advice is to start simple and
just try to fix things for now. That pretty much means fix widgets that
do not work correctly and make sure that galde2 files load fine in
glade3 and viceverssa.

Of course there are also bigger task: the menu editor is the first that
comes to my mind, but it would also be nice to have a TreeView editor
and integrate in glade the new UIManager which does Toolbars and Menus.

      * Speaking of bugzilla, should the items in the TODO file get
        migrated there so there can be discussion/partial
        patches/progress messages/etc?

This comes down to how you prefer to work: since glade3 has still big
chunks of functionality missing, until now we preferred keep the
discussion/patches going on the mailing list. We listed the "still to
implement" stuff in the TODO and  use bugzilla for real bugs and for
stuff reported by others.

      * Also speaking of bugzilla, who has permissions to do bug
        assignments/etc for glade-3?

Getting permission in bugzilla is not a big problem... however note that
it pretty much it comes down to "close the bug when it's fixed". Nobody
bothers with "Assigned to", "Unconfirmed" vs "New" etc.

      * Who has access to/maintains the web pages at glade.gnome.org?
      * Who is the list admin for glade-users and glade-devel? (Possibly
        Damon, since he had responded to Dan Winship about nuking glade-


Those are, I think, the biggies that come to mind right now which I
would like to see sorted out, but I'm quite possibly missing other
important details, so please feel free to add new questions/answers/etc.


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