[Glade-devel] Re-ordering the glade-3 palette

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 14:21, Paolo Borelli wrote:
No, no :-) The widget layout in Glade is a n x m grid which is fixed.  I
can resize the window but the widgets stay in the n x m grid.  In the
new gimp tool palette when you stretch the dialog the widgets flow (like
word wrapping in a text editor).  If I stretch the dialog long enough I
can have all the tool widgets on one row.  If I do it the otherway they
can be in one column.  If I make it a square the tools show up in an n x
n grid configuration.  And so on.  I'm just thinking in the case someone
wants their IDE to be in a more Borland C++Builder interface where the
widgets are at the top as a tabbed toolbar as opposed to the current VB
layout Glade has.  It is also nicer since a user can adjust the palette
to match their spacial needs.

Oh ok, I get it now :-)

Yes, I agree it wold be pretty nice.

But AFAIK there isn't this kind of container widget in gtk+ yet. Adding
this kind of behaviour would mean the we do one of the following:
* depend on an additional lib (which one btw?)
* copy and paste the code from gimp or somewhere else

Agreed I just thought if someone was going to rewrite the layout to add
this little gem :-)    As for copying and pasting code it is done all
the time with libegg so as long as the code would be easy to swap out
that would be the best option.

IMHO both are something we shouldn't do, at least right now.
1) we don't want other dependencies that gtk+ doesn't have.
2) the palette is ~300 lines of simple code while a copy&paste of this
new widget would alone be much more code and thus more bugs and
maintainance work.

Well the widget code would be an autonomous black box (OO is great) and
might make the main code simpler but I get where you are coming from.

So I think that we should follow the KISS rule and first focus on making
glade-3 really work. Once that is done we can look for this kind of
enancement; hopefully this kind of widget at some point will be included
in gtk+.




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