[Glade-devel] New icons for the palette

Paolo wrote:

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 08:29 +0100, Joaquin Cuenca Abela wrote: 
* the TreeView one (or at least I think it's that, last 
on the 4th 
row) is a bit confusing and too similar to
ScrolledWindow: IMHO the old icon did represent the "tree" 
idea better.

I don't quite get this one.  The last icon on the 4th row is the 
optionmenu, not the TreeView.  The TreeView is the second 
icon on the 4th row.

D'oh, my bad :)

OTOH this confirms that those two icons are a bit confusing :)

I don't think that you got confused because the icons were specially
confusing, but because in the "oldpalette" screenshot you had a TreeView in
the same place as the optionmenu.

IMHO something like the old TreeView icon (which has a small tree
inside) would be better: the new icon is really similar to a Table.

The old CList icon looked like the new one (a table with a header). I don't
see how to put a tree inside a column of the icon, and make it aesthetically
pleasant.  As it can act like a CList or a CTree, I choose the easier
methaphore. I will give another shot to the tree inside the first column
idea, but I don't promise anything :-)

About the OptionMenu I really don't know: I never liked the 
old icon, but the new icon is very similar to other different 
widgets. It looks like a paragraph of text with a vertical 
scrollbar (btw, do optionmenus have a scrollbar?).

The problem is that in fact the real widget looks almost the same as a
combobox. The old icon is quite dependent of the old gtk+ theme, so I don't
think we should imitate it. So here it's a "I don't have anything better".
It was also one of the icons that I picked from straigh from the OpenOffice
stock icons done by jimmac... If he didn't find anything better, I don't
think I will do either :-)

On the 
bright side, note that OptionMenu is deprecated in gtk+ 2.4 ;-)

fiuuuuffff :-)


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