[Glade-devel] Re-ordering the glade-3 palette

Archit wrote:


I don't know who decided it, but the palette in all the 
versions of glade till now is a hotch-potch imho. Except for 
GtkWindow which is right in the beginning most of the widgets 
are just thrown in there. What I suggest is that we reorder 
the items in the palette in order of the use. Like after 
GtkWindow the most used is the GtkHBox and GtkVBox. Why have 
them in the 7th row when they should be in the 1st or the 2nd 
row. Same can be done for others.

I thinking about a more radical restructuration, like having each widget on
a line (pixmap next to its name).  A bit like what other RADs do.

While we're at it, a restructuration of the placement of the widget would
also be desirable, but of passing from a random placement to another
(probably saner) placement, I would like to just put the items in
alphabetical order.

I'm not yet sure, however, that it's a good idea...


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