[Gimp-user] Gimp version

Ubuntu is based on Debian and the default Gimp version comes from the
Debian version.

Guessing you use Ubuntu 19.10  based on Debian 10 and hence Gimp
2.10.8 is the default.

If you have a Gimp 2.10.18 it is a 'snap' version from the so-called
ubuntu software centre.

The problem with snap applications is they are 'self-contained' &
'sandboxed' and can be limited if you ever intend to use any extra
compiled plug-ins or external RAW editors such as Rawtherapee or

Thanks for the reply.  I am certain now that I did download '18' as a snap from
the software center.  Still curious why that version does not appear when I
search the software center.  I remember having to set permissions before Gimp
would work properly.

I do use darktable extensively, as it is among my favorite RAW editors.  On the
Windows side, I use Capture One, also, IMHO, very good.  I got rid of PSCC in
favor of Gimp on both sides.  I have experienced no problem with GIMP in
conjunction with darktable, but have not tried to use any extra compiled

I am an avid photographer (film and digital), and consider myself a fairly
advanced user of photo-editing software, but I am certain there is much more
that I could do by learning even more.

Thanks again for your informative reply.


Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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