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On 2020-04-18 3:26 p.m., Carusoswi wrote:
When I check the 'about' menu item, I see that I am running Gimp 2.10.18.
When I check Ubuntu's software area, it lists Gimp 2.10.8-2.  I assume that is
an old version, but wonder why it would be there instead of 2.10.18.

Distros often have versions of software that are older than what may be available from the official site for a given program. They do it for any number of reasons. Some distros prefer to use only what they consider tried and tested software. Other distros provide software versions that are closer to the latest. Those distros can be for the more "adventurous types" or those that need to be running close to the current releases of software.

You have some options. You can build the latest version of GIMP yourself but if you aren't used to building software it is not a trivial task to do it the first time. You can for a PPA for GIMP. That will let you install and update GIMP the same way you install other packages on your machine. The other option is to check the GIMP website for a downloadable file that will give you the latest version available. If you use the latter option it will likely be up to you to keep the program up to date.


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