[Gimp-user] Removing white background from logo

I have some additional info:

I used undo to return to where the strange animation was and now see
that at the very top of the layers view it says Floating selection -

I used  "open as layer" to open the logo. I see that as soon as the
logo appears it has a dotted line rectangle around it's border. The
dotted lines are moving around the rectangle. As soon as I choose the
scale tool and scale the logo smaller the outer dotted line rectangle
does not have dotted lines moving around it anymore.

Instead I have a smaller dotted line rectangle around the logo border
and these dotted lines are moving. This is the instant that a new
layer appears at the top -  Floating selection - Transformation. Then
when I choose Color to alpha, this is when the animation affects the
black letters of the logo

Here's what my undo history says:
move layer
Scale to 494x605
Color to alpha

later when I moved the logo with the move tool the Floating selection
- Transformation layer disappeared and everything was OK

Always beware of "this must be a bug" when that is most improbable. I have been
using Gimp for a dozen years, always suspect myself first, always something new
to learn.

I can see my earlier post about vector graphics when unheeded, in this case
scaling down you can get away with bitmap scaling. One day it will be tiny logo
to monster logo and it will be a fuzzy mess.

However. The Gimp interface contains all sorts of clues as to what is going on.
A yellow dotted line is a layer boundary. Not all layers are the same size as
the basic canvas size. Usually smaller but can be larger.

This example (3 shots together - this mailing list format is a killer) for
anything other than simple.

see: https://i.imgur.com/VSh03Od.jpg

1. You opened the C-L logo using File -> Open as layers (the best way) The logo
is US letter size and larger than the canvas. see the dotted line

2. That can be scaled (and moved) using the scale tool. Looks a bit odd because
of the grid that is in place.

3. Applying the tool gets that new (smaller) layer.

What it looks like you did. see: https://i.imgur.com/INSPaaW.jpg

1. Copied the logo, pasted into the CD template. That creates a "Floating
Selection (Pasted Layer)"

2. The Floating Later can be transformed same as any other layer. Resized and

3. Then it needs to be fixed. All sorts of ways, pasting another selection for
example, but be in control. Use the Layer menu -> To New Layer or Layer ->
Anchor layer.  Anchor layer will merge with the last active layer used.

4. With a new layer the layer boundary is now dotted yellow changed from the
dotted gray of the "Floating Selection".

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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