[Gimp-user] Removing white background from logo

I have some additional info:

I used undo to return to where the strange animation was and now see that at the
very top of the layers view it says Floating selection - Transformation.

I used  "open as layer" to open the logo. I see that as soon as the logo appears
it has a dotted line rectangle around it's border. The dotted lines are moving
around the rectangle. As soon as I choose the scale tool and scale the logo
smaller the outer dotted line rectangle does not have dotted lines moving around
it anymore.

Instead I have a smaller dotted line rectangle around the logo border and these
dotted lines are moving. This is the instant that a new layer appears at the top
-  Floating selection - Transformation. Then when I choose Color to alpha, this
is when the animation affects the black letters of the logo

Here's what my undo history says:
move layer
Scale to 494x605
Color to alpha

later when I moved the logo with the move tool the Floating selection -
Transformation layer disappeared and everything was OK

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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