[Gimp-user] Removing white background from logo

The easy way, as below is Color -> Color to alpha, but taking in
context of previous posts

That is actually a good logo. It is a vector graphic that can be
scaled up or down without loss of quality. You could open in Gimp and
remove the background, then copy / paste /scale into your project but
that is not the best way for quality.

The 'natural' size is US letter which guessing in too large. Using
your CD template (but could be say that CD case insert graphic)

screenshot https://i.imgur.com/vvO72kO.jpg

Determine the size required using the measure tool (1) in the graphic
(2) which will give a size in pixels (3)

File -> Open as layers the cindy larson.pdf and set the width (4) to a
suitable size based on your measurement. The height adjusts to suit,
ignore the resolution. Ok it (5)


Use the move tool (6) to move the layer into position. Use Colors ->
Color-to-Alpha, the default is already white so just OK it to make all
White transparent. If you adjust the position again make sure the move
tool cursor is on a solid part (or enable move the active layer)

Zoomed in looks like this.


There are other (possibly better) ways but at the moment that will
confuse you.

I already had it in the project and it looked fine, but I left the white
background. The  Color to alpha worked great and was so quick to do. I had a
feeling you'd know a less tedious way than the scissors tool.

I tried to re-import the logo PDF using your methods and after I sized it with
the scale tool, the black color turned into something like an animation, like
black and white liquid was flowing through the logo. I've seen this before in
other settings even when I was making the inner guide circle. When I colored the
inner guide circle, it started doing the same animation thing.

Back to the logo I used the move tool to reposition it and the animation went
away and now it's solid black like it's supposed to be. Is this a glitch in GIMP
or what?

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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