Re: [Gimp-user] Debugging Perf on Linux

On 03/28/2018 12:16 AM, Robert Bieber wrote:
Thanks for that Elle, I followed up personally about the profiles. Going back to the list, one thing I should add is that currently for my workflow on the same machine I'm using Gimp 2.8 with the same sized images, same monitor profiles, and it works more or less okay.  I wouldn't say it's _fast_, and it gets a little crashy sometimes, but I think it's doing a pretty decent job for a single-threaded program processing buffers this big. It's miles faster than the 2.9 RC, so I'm guessing there's probably something other than that going on

Hi Robert,

Checking the icc profiles, they are all matrix profiles, so the profiles aren't the source of the problem.

From curiosity, is 2.8 also faster on the other machine (the one that's OK for 2.10)?

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