[Gimp-user] Debugging Perf on Linux

This morning I saw the new RC was out, and just to do a quick check on performance I downloaded it on my work laptop, loaded a large (~40MP) image, and did some quick operations to see how things shook out.  Everything was pretty smooth, even better than the current stable version on my desktop.

Then today I got home, installed the RC on my home desktop, which is a significantly beefier machine (32-core thread ripper, 32GB of RAM), loaded up a similarly sized image, and found it completely unusable.  It hangs simply trying to zoom in and out of the image. Running the wavelet decompose takes minutes.  And curiously, even though the window frequently stops responding and the process makes my computer fans sound like a jet engine, on the new dashboard display the CPU is never ticking above 3% and I'm sitting at around 70% of the 12GB of cache I gave it used (it was below 50% before I started running the plugin).  This seems to be the case regardless of how many threads I enable or whether OpenCL is turned on.

I assume this has to be a bug, since I'm running the same software and getting the exact opposite of the results I'd expect running it on different machines, but what can I do to diagnose it and get some data that might help resolve it?  The error console isn't showing anything, here's what I get in my terminal when opening an image and running wavelet decompose, if that helps at all: https://pastebin.com/TCEgYqPr

Seeing color management stuff in the console did make me think to try turning color management off, which did make basic image operations run faster, but wavelet decompose is still running intolerably slow.  And of course retouching with color management disabled isn't an ideal long-term solution.  Any ideas?


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