Re: [Gimp-user] Change the UI size?

On 17/12/16 09:58, dhrisrael wrote:
There are future plans to allow users to allow easier control over the
icon sizes etc, but at the moment it can be done using add-on themes.

You will find links to some themes that I have made that use bigger
icons (either 32x32 or 48x48) that others have found useful here:

Hi Kevin the link you provided for themes is not working and I have similar
problems as DAWO. The icons in toolbox are so small you can hardly see they're
even there or what they are. My displays default is 3840 X 2160, however I've
tried lowering to 1920 X1080 and still no change. Everything else on my PC is
large except the pesky icons.
Any help is greatly appreciated. is dead. Try here instead:

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