[Gimp-user] Change the UI size?

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I am having the same problem with the toolbox icons appearing too small to be
useable, ever since switching from an HP using Windows 10 to a SUrf.ace Pro 4 in
Octovber 2016.

To try to fix the problem this week, 
I upgraded to gimp 2.8.16 (from 2.8.14)
Downloaded the themes, Symbolic - Big 32, & Symbolic - Big 48.
Opened Gimp and under preferences chose one of the new themes, then the other.

The toolbox remains the same size. 
I already have the my display scaling at 250%

I know this is an ongoing promlem, but if I'm missing something that would help,
please advise.

eyegee (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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