[Gimp-user] UI drag and drop issues prevent layer reorder or dialog tab reorder

Michael may be on to something. It didn't work while you were
recording a screencast, but it did as soon as you stopped the
screencast. Maybe your screencast program intercepts some mouse
Of course I imagine you don't use the screencast software every day.
So the question is: why doesn't it work these times? Well maybe it
also installed a service always run in background? In any case, could
you try this again:
1/ run the screencast program, check that dnd does not work.
2/ quit the screencast program, check that dnd works.

If you can reproduce this every time, then there is probably a very
good lead to follow there.


Thanks for the replies.  I read through both of those bug reports, and the
symptoms as described could be the same that I'm seeing periodically.  I did try
your recommendation, and the bug does occur when I am running the screen capture
application (Camstudio Recorder in my case; the earlier ScreenRecorder didn't
work for me).  And when I stop recording, the issues go away and things work
again.  I started and stopped recording twice, and it was consistent both times.

However, as you supposed, this issue has been bugging me for over a year, and I
don't regularly make a point of recording my screen.  I think I installed a
trial of FRAPS once in the past for other reasons, but otherwise this weekend
was my first time attempting to record a GIMP session.  Maybe I have spyware
capturing my screen all the time that I'm not aware of!

I went through my installed programs to see if I had anything else that may be
interfering with the mouse or doing anything similar to screen capture.  Nothing
stood out.  I have a Logitech Unifying wireless trackball and keyboard, and I
also keep another wireless keyboard and mouse combo device plugged in.  I
regularly unplug the Unifying USB dongle to use it in another computer.  Maybe
switching that around has something to do with it?  I'll keep that in mind the
next time things stop working.

kzibart (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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