Re: [Gimp-user] Save v Export behaviour

On 12/04/2013 06:42 PM, Wolfgang Hugemann wrote:
The save/export UI may need more thought.

As a Windows user, I am also annoyed by Gimp's behaviour, it's
strange. The default behaviour of any Windows program is to save a
document in the format it was opened in or possibly suggest you to
convert it to a more suitable one, i.e. programs behave the other
round, compared to Gimp. So maybe the expected behaviour also depends
on the OS you use.

But even under Windows, nobody would expect that a dedicted export
routine would clean the dirty flag.

1. I'm not hung up on the dirty flag, just trying to brainstorm.

2. What I was proposing was a picture tweaking/editing mode in which that occurred. Not as a default 
behaviour of export.  If I was in my normal usage mode the current implementation suits me fine (default to 
xcf and no dirty flag reset on export).

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