Re: [Gimp-user] Save v Export behaviour

This entire debate could be ended if the developers would simply add an
option to the Preferences that allowed the individual user to select
between the new Save/Export mechanism and the old 2.6 Save-to-Type-Opened
mechanism (including the "specified extension" override), with the default
being the new method.  Gimp would continue to operate out of the box in the
"professional" mode unless a user made the conscious decision to reassert
the previous save method -- knowing exactly what "dangers" this would pose.
No one gets hurt.  Everyone could be happy.

However, this option has been discussed before and the developers refuse to
consider it -- period.  I have never heard any reasonable argument for not
being willing to implement this solution.  It is a great mystery why they
wish to alienate such a large portion of the existing user base over what
should be a very trivial matter.

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