Re: [Gimp-user] [Request] Do not confirm closing if unsaved image was exported/overwrited ?

close them without clicking the confirming dialog, it will save so much
working time. Thank you~

Use keyboard shortcuts for closing xcf's - Ctrl+W (or click to close) then
Alt+W. Really takes just fraction of a second.
It has always eluded me trying to understand why so many users didn't take
Save/Export changes well. 
If they simply hate a new dialogue popping up their way, they must have
forgotten how irritating it was
in 2.4-2.6 to deal with modal dialogues asking you if you want to flatten
image (with more than 1 layer)
when saving it in file formats other than xcf. 
How about error message dialogues popping up in bunches, and then you had to
close them one by one?
Oh, boy...Thank gods, no, thank developers, we don't have to deal with all
that now! 

Nik O.
Никита Омуль
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