Re: [Gimp-user] [Request] Do not confirm closing if unsaved image was exported/overwrited ?

Already fulfilled in 2.8.2
1.[filename] (imported) -1.0  for imported image
2.*[filename] (imported) -1.0 for any changes made to the original
3. filename.xcf - 1.0 
4.*filename.xcf -1.0  for any changes made to the original xcf
5.[Untitled] - 1.0 for newly created image

New features in 2.8.4?
1.[Untitled]  (exp'd as filename.ext) or just "exported" if exp'd multiple
times with different
2.[filename] (imp'd-exp'd as filename.ext)  if imported and saved with
different file extension.
3. *[filename] (imp'd-exp'd as filename.ext) - for changes
4.[filename] (overwritten) - within image's current session only
and so on...

Just thinking out, please, don't tear me apart :)

Nik O.
Никита Омуль
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