Re: [Gimp-user] 2.8... missing something

May be it is coming from a former installation.
You might clean all former GIMP files in (you shalll not think to the
"Regedit" provided that nothing concerning the GIMP is registered inside).
c:\program files\ GIMP 2.0
also everything related to the GIMP in
c:\Users\User ("yourself")... (if you are using Windows 7)
c:\documents and Settings\User ("yourself").

Do note that if you are using W7-64bits part of the installation is in c:\Program Files, part of it in c:\Program Files (X86)

After erasing everything then you can start a new installation and GIMP might start properly.


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On 13.05.2012 01:18, PictureZealot wrote:

I get the same thing on a Dell/Windows. This seems to be a common problem
and I can't find a good answer anywhere. I've tried renaming an often
offending dll in the System32 dir., uninstalled and reinstalled and can't
figure this out.

Use a tool like Process Monitor
( to discover
the DLL files that are loaded.


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