On 12-05-10 06:06 PM, Daniel Smith wrote:
It's like when I wanted to install Ubuntu, eventually I figured out how
to download and burn a disk image, but in the meantime I had to buy a
burner for 33 bucks. But back when I didn't have a burner or didn't
readily know how to burn it I bought a Ubuntu disk for 4 dollars, well
worth the cost.

Its one thing if the seller is providing some service by providing the software on a CD/DVD or if they have added something to the package (ie. additional plug-ins/scripts). If all the seller is doing is charging for the URL where the software can be downloaded for free, the sellers ethics and/or morals are definitely questionable. If nothing more than a URL was given for the money, you should consider leaving negative feedback with a notice like "Selling software available free at <url>". If the seller doesn't like that, you could agree to mutually withdraw if you are reimbursed the original purchase price.


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