Well, I looked at some of the auctions of Gimp there, and one was for 99 cents,
others for like 4 bucks highest i saw was 20 dollars. Some of these
sales are packages including open office, etc. It's basically the
price to get a version burned to a cd. It's like when I wanted to
install Ubuntu, eventually I figured out how to download and burn a
disk image, but in the meantime I had to buy a burner for 33 bucks.
But back when I didn't have a burner or didn't readily know how to
burn it I bought a Ubuntu disk for 4 dollars, well worth the cost.

On 5/10/12, Jay Smith <jay jaysmith com> wrote:
On 05/10/2012 04:26 PM, Russ Marshall wrote:
Can anyone explain to me why GIMP allows their “FREE” software to be
SOLD on eBay? There are those of us
who have been cheated by sellers who, when you win the auction send you
the URL for GIMP web page where
you may download it for free!!!!
I have complained to eBay but they will not do anything about it.


Gimp developers do not "allow" or "not allow" sales.  The Gimp license
does not prevent such activity.  That is part of the whole open-source
software world, it is not related only to Gimp.

No, such activity is not honorable -- if the seller has not added any
value to transaction, but since it is not a disallowed activity, it is
not illegal.  Whether it is ethical or not is a decision above my pay
grade.  I don't like it, but even vultures and possums have their role
in the world.

However... I believe strongly -- and I do apply this thinking to myself
as well -- that one should first look to oneself before deciding to
blame others.  Did you know that you were buying Gimp?  Did you know
what you were going to be receiving?  If you did know that you were
buying Gimp, did you research it (doing a simple Google search would
have told you everything) before bidding on it.  Or, if you did not know
what product you were buying, why did you bid on it?  All these types of
questions should perhaps be considered before blaming everybody else.

If you were not previously aware of Gimp and you did not do any research
to find Gimp (or other free / open-source software), then perhaps the
eBay seller did actually provide some value for the price they charged
-- in a devious kind of way, they have introduced you to the wonderful
world of Gimp.  If Gimp cost $200 or $500, it would still be worth it to
_many_ people, myself included.

So, perhaps this is just a life lesson:  Know exactly what you are
bidding on, research alternative sources before bidding, etc., etc.

By the way, there is a huge and wonderful world of free / open-source
software around there.  Explore that world and you will find a lot of
great, free programs you had no idea existed.

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