[Gimp-user] Brief inquiry about gimp.org


I am interested in placing a text link on your page: http://www.gimp.org/mail_lists.html 
The link would point to a page on a website that is relevant to your page and may be useful to your site 
visitors. Please note that the link must NOT be a site wide link but should be a single page link.

It would be great if the link could be inside a sentence or two that could be written into the content so 
that it reads well (it won't be overly promotional or lengthy).  It could also be a sentence that already 
exists on the page. I am happy to reimburse you for your time and effort in placing the link live for 1 year. 
 I am hoping that it would not have a no follow tag and advertisement/sponsor labels. 

Hoping for your positive response.

Best Regards!

Jamie Collins | Premium Media Marketer| p +1 619 573 6848
Premium Link Ads | Win-win link solutions
http://www.premiumlinkadvertising.com <hr /> <a 

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