Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

In general, I agree with you Archie.  This discussion should be more civil but many posts calling for 
civility have come from people who want to divide the user base into two groups where one group is somehow 
more entitled to use GIMP than the other because of the things they do with GIMP.

I find that as unsettling as those who forget all the hard work the developers have done to bring GIMP to us 
all as a very useful tool.

Those that seem to want to divide the user base into the "professionals" and those others always point to the use of 
.xcf files as the norm for those who are the "target" users.

Well, I wonder of all the people who use GIMP, what is the percentage of people who use .xcf files as the 
usual format in which to save their work?  Simple question.  How many people use .xcf files regularly and how 
many don't? And is the use of .xcf files really the way to bifurcate the user community into those who should 
be using GIMP and those who shouldn't?  If a person -- like myself -- uses GIMP to touch up digital 
photographs, should I be excluded from using GIMP because I don't save my work as .xcf files?

Archie Arevalo wrote:
The classic case of YMMV.

Some do love the new GIMP, while others prefer the old layout. Changes can be pretty difficult for others but ... I would camp with Oon-Ee Ng when he wrote, "and it took all of 2 sessions to get used to the change.

Face it. There are the GIMP users, and there are those who need to start looking for an alternative.

But for the PEACE IN THE WORLD, have respect for the developers. You are already getting their hard work for free. At least, don't post your messages with an attitude.


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