Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

kevin writes:
I have already made my thoughts known - I don't like the new system.

That said, I have three options: (1) adapt my work habits, (2) stay on 2.6. or 
(3) change the source.

There is a fourth option: the dev's revert to the old functionality. But, 
clearly, this is not going to happen.

And a fifth option: write a plug-in that does what you want Save to
do, perhaps involving gimp-file-save, and bind it to Ctrl-S.

I don't like the new model either, but I'm going to work with it for
a while and see if I continue to feel that way. If I decide I still
don't like the change, writing a plug-in seems like it should be a
straightforward fix.


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