Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

---- kevin <kmg952 bigpond com> wrote: 
I have already made my thoughts known - I don't like the new system.

That said, I have three options: (1) adapt my work habits, (2) stay on 2.6. or 
(3) change the source.

There is a fourth option: the dev's revert to the old functionality. But, 
clearly, this is not going to happen.

Of the three options, I can do (3) but don't want the hassle of maintaining my 
local patches for evermore. Plus I'm too lazy. Option (2) just isn't 
practical. So, in a very Sherlock Holmes fashion, that leaves me with option 

I'm sure that, ultimately, this precisely what everyone is going to have to 

But the number of posts over the last couple of days tell a story: This 
obviously is a very invasive and unwelcome change to the workflow of many 

some != many(relatively speaking of course)... 

From my reading(I did not do a count), but it seemed that more people accepted 
the change as "it make sense even if I have to spend some time adjusting" vs 
"I can't live with this change".  

I am not a dev on gimp, but I personally like the change.  I HATE, HATE, HATE the 
damned popups in < 2.8 when I save jpeg/png files EVERY TIME!!  For me, that really
slows down "my" workflow.  99% of the work I do in gimp is with layers and is either
editing an existing work(sometimes jpeg/png format, sometimes xcf) or creating something
whole cloth from nothing.  

Many times I take images other people are working on and 
perform a sample few operations on it to show a technique and then repost to a forum. 
Previously, if I edited a jpeg/png and exited, gimp would silently quit and I would 
loose my edit stack... now, I am properly warned that I modified a file and did not 
save to GIMP's internal format which would preserve that information.  This is critical 
for me since there are times when the other person want's to know the steps as opposed
to just seeing the end result.  I do a LOT of editing where I add shadows to someone 
else's art work(again, as in to provide an example) and most of the time I create a 
50% grey layer and use the dodge/burn tools to discretely build up high/lowlights.  The 
main point here is not what is being done, but that I NEVER, EVER modify the original 
image if I can figure out a way around it(same thing with layer masks... never "erase" 
something, mask it!!!!)

All in all, I have still not gotten used to the change as of yet, but no matter what, 
it was the right thing to do.  

For 2.10, perhaps, just perhaps I can see another solution to add a "open for quick edit" 
type menu item which would just open the file in native format and save out to same with
no prompts(since it's an explicit action).  

I do agree however with whoever said Overwrite is broken(based solely on their description).
If you select Overwrite via menu or keyboard shortcut, you are explicitly telling GIMP 
you are sure of what you are doing, so why the prompts....


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