Re: [Gimp-user] Use GIMP for commercial / business purposes?

Frank Gore (gore friendlyphotozone com) wrote:
Yes, you are wrong. You can charge money for distributing Gimp. As
long as either:

a) you haven't modified it
b) if you have modified it, you can provide all the source code
(including modifications) for free or a reasonable cost (ie. at no

Your distinction between these two cases is not exactly true. Even when
you distribute an unmodified Gimp you're required to provide the
sourcecode to your customer on request. The easiest way of course is to
provide the sourcecode archive on the same medium you use to distribute
the Gimp binary, even without the customers request.

The fact that the typical free software project has a prominent presence
on the net does not release you from the obligation to provide the
source code to your customers (think about a project dropping from the
net, this would leave your customers out in the dark...).

Just a minor nitpick   :)


              simon budig de    

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